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This is Cython and Unifdef wrapper that adds some (very basic) preprocessor support to Cython. makes it possible to use preprocessor directives right in your .pyx source:

class X:

#ifdef _WIN32
    def windows_only(self):
        return 5
    def unix_only(self):
        return 6

Running test.pyx will produce a test.c file that includes appropriate #ifdef _WIN32 to produce a class that has windows_only method when _WIN32 is defined and unix_only when it's not.

Here's an example of what can process: gevent/core_.pyx.


In addition to Cython, you need to have unifdef installed in order to run this script. On Debian/Ubuntu, do apt-get install unifdef.

Download the script from github and put it somewhere on the run path.

How does it work

  • It gets lists of all preprocessor symbols used in the source file using unifdef -t -s
  • It runs unifdef for all possible configurations on the original source.
  • For each generated source, it runs cython and stores the result in memory.
  • It then merges all the resulting .c files into one with the appropriate #ifdef in place.


  • It only supports symbols that are either defined or undefined. Processing expressions such as #if SYMBOL == 5 is not implemented.
  • It does not look into included .pxi.
  • The amount of time it takes is exponential: 2^(Number of symbols), so it does not support arbitrary amount of preprocessor symbols.

It was written to support gevent's use case rather than a generic tool, so be warned.

Author is written by Denis Bilenko for gevent project and is licensed under MIT license.