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# Copyright (C) 2011 Denis Bilenko (
# Homepage:
import sys
import os
import datetime
from cStringIO import StringIO
import difflib
import uuid
# #if XXX require different configuration to process than #ifdef
# while for "#ifdef XXX" it's enough to do "-DXXX" and "-UXXX",
# for "#if XXX", we need "-DXXX=1" and "-DXXX=0".
newline_token = ' %s ' % uuid.uuid4().hex
class options:
output = None
verbose = False
def get_symbols(filename):
command = "unifdef -t -s '%s'" % filename
popen = os.popen(command)
result =
returncode = popen.close()
if returncode is not None:
sys.exit('%r failed with code %r' % (command, os.WEXITSTATUS(returncode)))
return sorted(set(result))
def parse_commandline():
argv = sys.argv[1:]
if not argv:
sys.exit('Usage: %s [cython-options] sourcefile.pyx' % sys.argv[0])
sourcefile = options.sourcefile = argv[-1]
del argv[-1]
if not os.path.exists(sourcefile):
sys.exit('File not found: %s' % sourcefile)
if not sourcefile.endswith('.pyx') and not sourcefile.endswith('.py'):
sys.exit('Invalid extension: %s' % sourcefile)
index = argv.index('-o')
except ValueError:
index = argv.index('--output-file')
except ValueError:
path, name = os.path.split(sourcefile)
name = name.rsplit('.', 1)[0] + '.c'
options.output = os.path.join(path, name)
if options.output is None:
del argv[index]
options.output = argv[index]
del argv[index]
except IndexError:
sys.exit('Invalid command line: %s' % (sys.argv, ))
options.cython_args = ' '.join(argv)
def system(command):
print command
result = os.system(command)
if result:
sys.exit('%r failed with code %s' % (command, os.WEXITSTATUS(result)))
def system_unifdef(command):
print command
result = os.system(command)
result = os.WEXITSTATUS(result)
if result not in (0, 1):
sys.exit('%r failed with code %s' % (command, result))
def unlink(filename):
except OSError, ex:
if 'no such file' not in str(ex).lower():
def link_force(source, dest):
return, dest)
class Config(object):
def __init__(self, key):
self.key = key
label = key.replace(' ', '_').replace('-', '_')
sourcename = os.path.basename(options.sourcefile)
base = sourcename.rsplit('.', 1)[0] + label
self.pyx_name = base + '.pyx'
self.c_name = base + '.c'
def __str__(self):
return self.key
def convert_comments(filename, today):
output = open(filename + '.temp', 'w')
input = open(filename)
firstline = input.readline()
if firstline.strip().lower().startswith('/* generated by cython ') and firstline.strip().endswith('*/'):
line = firstline.strip().strip('/*').strip().split(' on ')[0]
output.write('/* ' + line + ' + on %s */\n' % today)
in_comment = False
for line in input:
if line.endswith('\n'):
line = line[:-1].rstrip() + '\n'
if in_comment:
if '*/' in line:
in_comment = False
output.write(line.replace('\n', newline_token))
if line.lstrip().startswith('/* ') and '*/' not in line:
line = line.lstrip() # cython adds space before /* for some reason
line = line.replace('\n', newline_token)
in_comment = True
os.rename(filename + '.temp', filename)
def compact_tag_set(tags):
for tag in tags.copy():
prefix, symbol = tag[:2], tag[2:]
reverse = {'-D': '-U', '-U': '-D'}.get(prefix)
if reverse is None:
raise ValueError('Cannot process: %r' % (tag, ))
reverse += symbol
if reverse in tags:
class Str(str):
def __new__(cls, string, tag=None):
if tag is None:
tag = getattr(string, 'tag', set())
self = str.__new__(cls, string)
self.string = string
self.tag = set(tag)
return self
def __repr__(self):
return '%s(%s, %r)' % (self.__class__.__name__, str.__repr__(self), self.tag)
def __add__(self, other):
newtag = self.tag | getattr(other, 'tag', set())
return self.__class__(str.__add__(self, other), newtag)
def __radd__(self, other):
newtag = self.tag | getattr(other, 'tag', set())
return self.__class__(str.__add__(other, self), newtag)
methods = ['__getslice__', '__getitem__', '__mul__', '__rmod__', '__rmul__',
'join', 'replace', 'upper', 'lower']
for method in methods:
exec '''def %s(self, *args):
return self.__class__(str.%s(self, *args), self.tag)''' % (method, method)
def unified_diff(a, b, fromfile='', tofile='', fromfiledate='',
tofiledate='', n=1000000, lineterm='\n'):
started = False
for group in difflib.SequenceMatcher(None, a, b).get_grouped_opcodes(n):
if not started:
started = True
i1, i2, j1, j2 = group[0][1], group[-1][2], group[0][3], group[-1][4]
for tag, i1, i2, j1, j2 in group:
if tag == 'equal':
assert i2 - i1 == j2 - j1, locals()
for line_a, line_b in zip(a[i1:i2], b[j1:j2]):
tag = getattr(line_a, 'tag', set()) | getattr(line_b, 'tag', set())
line = Str(line_a, tag)
yield ' ' + line
if tag == 'replace' or tag == 'delete':
for line in a[i1:i2]:
yield '-' + line
if tag == 'replace' or tag == 'insert':
for line in b[j1:j2]:
yield '+' + line
def _merge(lines1, lines2, tag1, tag2, tag3):
tags = {'-': set(tag2),
'+': set(tag1),
' ': set(tag3)}
for line in unified_diff(lines2, lines1, n=100000):
x = Str(line[1:])
x.tag |= tags[line[0]]
yield x
class Source(object):
def __init__(self, text, config):
if isinstance(text, str):
self.lines = StringIO(text).readlines()
elif isinstance(text, list):
self.lines = text
raise TypeError('Invalid type: %r' % (text, ))
self.key = _tags(config)
self.config = set(self.key.split())
self.symbols = set(x[2:] for x in self.config)
def __repr__(self):
return 'Source(%s lines, %r)' % (len(self.lines), self.key)
def sortkey(option):
opt, symbol = option[:2], option[2:]
return symbol, opt
def _tags(config):
if isinstance(config, str):
config = config.split()
config = set(config)
for x in config:
if x.startswith('-D') or x.startswith('-U') and len(x) > 2:
raise ValueError('Bad entry %r in config %r' % (x, config))
return ' '.join(sorted(config, key=sortkey))
def pairs(iterable):
iterator = iter(iterable)
while True:
a =
except StopIteration:
b =
except StopIteration:
raise AssertionError('Invalid argument for pairs: %s' % (iterable, ))
yield (a, b)
def _bin(number, length):
result = bin(number)[2:]
return '0' * (length - len(result)) + result
def iter_configurations(symbols):
size = len(symbols)
for x in xrange(2 ** size):
config = _bin(x, size)
config = zip(config, symbols)
config = ['-D' + y if x == '1' else '-U' + y for (x, y) in config]
yield _tags(config)
def get_configurations(symbols):
return list(iter_configurations(symbols))
def merge(sources):
>>> src1 = Source('hello\nworld\n', '-Dhello -Dworld')
>>> src2 = Source('goodbye\nworld\n', '-Uhello -Dworld')
>>> src3 = Source('hello\neveryone\n', '-Dhello -Uworld')
>>> src4 = Source('goodbye\neveryone\n', '-Uhello -Uworld')
>>> from pprint import pprint
>>> pprint(merge([src1, src2, src3, src4]))
[('hello\n', '-Dhello'),
('goodbye\n', '-Uhello'),
('world\n', '-Dworld'),
('everyone\n', '-Uworld')]
symbols = set()
mapping = {}
for source in sources:
mapping[source.key] = source
#print 'MERGE', symbols
new_sources = []
for keyD, keyU in pairs(get_configurations(symbols)):
#print '#', keyD, '#', keyU
srcD = mapping[keyD]
srcU = mapping[keyU]
common = srcD.config & srcU.config
lines = list(_merge(srcD.lines, srcU.lines, srcD.config, srcU.config, common))
new_sources.append(Source(lines, common))
if not new_sources:
raise ValueError("Something went wrong")
elif len(new_sources) == 1:
return [(str(x), _tags(x.tag)) for x in new_sources[0].lines]
return merge(new_sources)
def convert_key_to_ifdef(key):
tags = key.split()
result = []
if len(tags) == 1:
tag = tags[0]
if tag.startswith('-D'):
return '#ifdef %s' % tag[2:]
elif tag.startswith('-U'):
return '#ifndef %s' % tag[2:]
for tag in tags:
if tag.startswith('-D'):
result.append('defined (%s)' % tag[2:])
elif tag.startswith('-U'):
result.append('!defined (%s)' % tag[2:])
raise ValueError(repr(tags))
return '#if ' + ' && '.join(result)
def exact_reverse(a, b):
if not a or not b:
a = a.split()
b = b.split()
if len(a) != 1:
if len(b) != 1:
a = a[0]
b = b[0]
if a[2:] != b[2:]:
if sorted([a[:2], b[:2]]) == ['-D', '-U']:
return True
def produce_preprocessor(iterable):
def wrap(line, log=True):
current_line[0] += 1
if options.verbose and log:
sys.stdout.write('%5d: %s' % (current_line[0], line))
return line
state = None
current_line = [0]
for line, key in iterable:
key = key or None
if key == state:
yield wrap(line, key)
if exact_reverse(key, state):
yield wrap('#else\n')
if state:
yield wrap('#endif /* %s */\n' % state)
if key:
yield wrap(convert_key_to_ifdef(key) + '\n')
yield wrap(line, key)
state = key
if state:
yield '#endif\n'
def main():
symbols = get_symbols(options.sourcefile)
if not symbols:
system('cython %s -o %s %s' % (options.cython_args, options.output, options.sourcefile))
# TODO: do exec
print '%s: found symbols: %s' % (options.sourcefile, ', '.join(symbols))
today = str(
sources = []
tmpname = options.sourcefile + '.saved.%s' % os.getpid()
os.rename(options.sourcefile, tmpname)
for key in iter_configurations(symbols):
system_unifdef('unifdef -t -b %s %s > %s' % (key, tmpname, options.sourcefile))
system('cython %s -o %s %s' % (options.cython_args, options.output, options.sourcefile))
convert_comments(options.output, today)
sources.append(Source(open(options.output).read(), key))
os.rename(tmpname, options.sourcefile)
sys.stderr.write('Merging (might take a while)\n')
write = open(options.output, 'w').write
for line in produce_preprocessor(merge(sources)):
write(line.replace(newline_token, '\n'))
if __name__ == '__main__':