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This Python decorator knows the class the decorated method is bound to.

It is unusual for Python, because, when the decorator is applied to just-defined method, the class does not exist yet.
And once this class is not known in advance, it is almost impossible to get this knowledge, while desired.
I needed this when I was implementing RPC of class-methods (and other types of functions) over AMQP.
It is also needed for some other people, according to this Stack Overflow question.
From my answer there:

Ideas proposed here are excellent, but have some disadvantages:

  • inspect.getouterframes and args[0].__class__.__name__ are not suitable for plain functions and static-methods.
  • __get__ must be in a class, that is rejected by @wraps.
  • @wraps itself should be hiding traces better.

So, I've combined some ideas from that page, links, docs and my own head,
and finally found a solution, that lacks all three disadvantages above.

As a result, method_decorator:

  • Knows the class the decorated method is bound to.
  • Hides decorator traces by answering to system attributes more correctly than functools.wraps() does.
  • Is covered with unit-tests for bound an unbound instance-methods, class-methods, static-methods, and plain functions.


pip install method_decorator
from method_decorator import method_decorator

class my_decorator(method_decorator):
    # ...

See full unit-tests for usage details.

method_decorator version 0.1.3
Copyright (C) 2013 by Denis Ryzhkov
MIT License, see


Python decorator that knows the class the decorated method is bound to.



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