PostgreSQL for Gevent kept Simple.
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[PostgreSQL][] for [Gevent][] kept [Simple][] [PostgreSQL]: [Gevent]: [Simple]:


  • db(sql, *values).row/rows/affected
  • id = db_insert(table_name, _return='id', name=value,..)
  • affected = db_update(table_name, where=dict(name=value, item_in=tuple_of_values), name=value,..)
  • result = db_transaction(code)
  • raise db_rollback
  • db("""ALTER TYPE "my_type" ADD VALUE 'my_value'""", autocommit=True) # Avoid "cannot run inside a transaction block".
  • db('SELECT * FROM "table" WHERE "name" LIKE %s', escape_like(fragment))
  • connection pool blocks only for the first connection - for quick deploy
  • auto reconnect and retry
  • optional log of each query


sudo apt-get install --yes gcc libevent-dev libpq-dev python-dev
sudo pip install pg4geks

from pg4geks import db, db_config, db_insert, db_update, db_transaction
db_config(name='test', user='user', password='password')
# Defaults: host='', port=5432, pool_size=10, patch_psycopg2_with_gevent=True, log=None

row = db('SELECT "column" FROM "table" WHERE "id" = %s', id).row
assert row is None or row.column == row['column']

return db('SELECT * FROM "table" WHERE "related_id" IN %s AND "parent_id" = %s', tuple(related_ids), parent_id).rows
# Please note that "tuple()" should be used with "IN %s", to keep "list []" for PostgreSQL Array operations.

return [
    for row in db('SELECT * FROM "table" LIMIT 10')
]  # Please note that no ").rows" is required for iteration.

    def code():
        db('INSERT INTO "table1" ("quantity") VALUES (%s)', -100)
        db('INSERT INTO "table2" ("quantity") VALUES (%s)', +1/0)

        if error:
            raise db_rollback

        return result
    result = db_transaction(code)

except db_rollback:
    pass  # Or not.

id = db_insert('table',

assert db_update('table',
    where=dict(id=id),  # Or: id=tuple(ids_to_update)
) == 1

# See tests for more usage examples.

pg4geks version 0.2.3
Copyright (C) 2013-2017 by Denis Ryzhkov
MIT License, see