Simple generator of unique tokens.
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"uniqtoken" is DEPRECATED!
Please see new version "uqid":

Simple generator of unique tokens.


pip install uniqtoken
from uniqtoken import uniqtoken

token1 = uniqtoken()
token2 = uniqtoken()
assert token1 != token2
  • Starts with a sequence random enough to be indexed efficiently when token is used as a hash key.
  • This random sequence is long enough to be hard to guess.
  • Ends with explicit timestamp with precision about 0.01 seconds (system dependent) to be more unique.
  • Is more than 3x faster than standard uuid.uuid4() - see tests in
  • Is ready to be used as a fixed length string token containing exactly 64 safe hex digits.

uniqtoken version 0.1.3
Copyright (C) 2013 by Denis Ryzhkov
MIT License, see