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Simple generator of unique tokens.
pip install uniqtoken
from uniqtoken import uniqtoken
token1 = uniqtoken()
token2 = uniqtoken()
assert token1 != token2
* Starts with a sequence random enough to be indexed efficiently when token is used as a hash key.
* This random sequence is long enough to be hard to guess.
* Ends with explicit timestamp with precision about 0.01 seconds (system dependent) to be more unique.
* Is more than 3x faster than standard uuid.uuid4() - see tests in
* Is ready to be used as a fixed length string token containing exactly 64 safe hex digits.
uniqtoken version 0.1.3
Copyright (C) 2013 by Denis Ryzhkov <>
MIT License, see
#### import
from hashlib import sha256
from random import random
from time import time
#### valid_token_length
valid_token_length = 64
#### uniqtoken
def uniqtoken():
return (sha256(str(random())).hexdigest().upper() + '{:X}'.format(int(time() * 100)))[-valid_token_length:]
#### test
def test():
from uuid import uuid4
times = dict()
tokens = dict()
for func in uniqtoken, uuid4:
start = time()
previous_tokens = set()
for _ in xrange(10**4):
token = str(func())
assert token not in previous_tokens
times[func] = time() - start
tokens[func] = token
assert times[uniqtoken] * 3 < times[uuid4], times
assert 32 == len(tokens[uuid4].replace('-', '')) < len(tokens[uniqtoken]) == valid_token_length, tokens
if __name__ == '__main__':