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Freeze an Express.js application into a set of static files
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Frozen Express

Frozen Express generates a collection of static files for an Express.js application allowing to host said application easily and cheaply.

Express 4 and Express 3 applications are supported.

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You can use Frozen Express as a command line tool or access it programatically.

Command line

Once you install Frozen Express (npm install -g frozen-express), you can use it as follows:

frozen-express app.js dist

Here the app.js is your module that exports the application, and dist is the directory to put the generated files.

Most Frozen Express options are available as command line options, use frozen-express -h to see their usage.


var frozen = require('frozen-express');

var stream = frozen(app);

You can do with the generated Stream whatever you want, but the simplest thing is to use gulp-dest:

var gulp = require('gulp');
var frozen = require('frozen-express');


You can also include it in your Gulp workflow and perform more tasks with files.


Frozen Express supports a number of options:

var stream = frozen(app, {
    // A list of URLs to freeze
    // By default Frozen will try to detect the URLs itself
    urls: ['/', '/about', '/contact']