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Run the same command on multiple servers.
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Run the same command on multiple servers. Authentication is left for your ssh client, presumably your passwordless authentication is set up.


The output from various servers will be nicely colored per server.

$ multi-ssh server1 server2 -- uname -a
server1: 30973
server2: 9869


var multiSsh = require('multi-ssh');

multiSsh(['server1', 'server2'], ['uname', '-a'])
    .on('step', function(server, stdout){
        console.log(server, 'finished with', stdout);
    .on('step-error', function(server, stderr){
        console.warn(server, 'failed with', stderr);
    .on('error', function(err){
        throw err;
    .on('end', function(){
        console.log('Everybody done.');