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Afternoon Workshops

You've just survived a crash course on domain modelling and an intensive yoga session -- right, time to get to work!

This afternoon, you will be working with a smaller and slightly different group. Before you even read through the project specs, have a quick chat about what you want to get out of the next few hours, and perhaps talk about your experience levels.

With your coach, read through the project specs and pick one that sounds interesting! We've tried to estimate the difficulty level, but these have never been attempted at any Codebar event before. Don't be put off by a higher-difficulty challenge if that project contains something that you would really like to try.

important! - Don't worry about finishing. Most, if not all, groups probably won't finish (and if you do, we've provided some cheeky "extra mile" challenges!). Today is about learning and being mindful of what it means to develop software.

Have fun, and if your group gets stuck, flag down a floating coach or organizer, or pop over to the group next to you to see if anyone there can help!


  1. Yoga slot machine
  2. Youtube lullabies
  3. Pose name generator
  4. Online mood ring
  5. To-do list