Companion code for the Modern Web Development with Scala book
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Modern Web Development with Scala

This is the companion code repository for the Modern Web Development with Scala book published by Leanpub.

Staring point

The application built using denisftw/play-scala-web-starter.g8 Giter8 template marks the initial state of a model application that is used throughout the book for demonstrating different aspects of Web development. In particular the book illustrates the following:

  • Querying remote services with the WSClient
  • Using MacWire for injecting dependencies
  • Using ScalikeJDBC for accessing PostgreSQL
  • Integrating Play with React and Webpack
  • Working with JSON and using Play Forms API
  • Using Akka Actors
  • Using HTTP filters and action composition in Play
  • Testing with ScalaTest and Mockito

Versions used

The code uses Play 2.6 and Scala 2.12.2 along with sbt 0.13.15.