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version 2.7
include module unittest into the source distribution
new fs client cache
multiple master address for client.conf
security server detect&deploy source update without restart
version 2.6
add version check when slaves and clients login
replication process improved, bug fixes
improved Sector-FUSE locking, faster concurrent data access
fix a bug in FSCache that uses wrong timestamps
automatic slave restart supports multiple slaves on a single node now
optimized write performance to local node
fixed a bug that can cause moving legal files to .attic on slave, when conflicts are present
add ability to control slave configs from master
improved conflict data store ".attic", will be able to restore in future versions
SPE result buffer management bug fix; much faster now for large UDF results with few buckets
faster SPE job schedulling at client
per-file replication factor, replication distance, and restricted locations
synchronous sector_cp
UDF should only generate new files, and must not change existing files
delete MapReduce intermediate files
sector_upload support number of replicas, destination IP, and cluster
more OS-independent code
support replication distance
improved sysinfo display
master will continue to restart lost slaves until LOST_SLAVE_RETRY_TIME
automatic re-connect for FUSE client on master down/restart
version 2.5
automatic storage re-balancing
start sector slave when slave node is full
fix a bug that causes client to hang during concurrent IO from the same client
log system improved
fix sector_download bug when local disk is full
fix udt recvfile bug
fix reopen on read error bug
improve write fault tolerance (handle slave node down during a write)
slave can now restart immediately
Windows client support
Improved small write performance
Improved file update report performance from slave to master (ignore unchanged files)
mapreduce loadoperator bug fix
correct the return values (1 -> 0) for Sector tools
version 2.4
support $SECTOR_HOME so that Sector tools can be run anywhere
master certificate now is an option at the client side
fix the client read cache memory leak bug
renamed all Sector tools with a "sector_" prefix to avoid confliction with system commands
documentation is updated