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- (done) set parameters (limits) dynamically
- (done) crash if the index is removed
- two file descriptors per open log is quite bad
- why three fstats one after another?
- index backups aren't neccesary
- (done) save snapshot if loading via replay
- log_erros shall be critical
- iterate shall prefetch and presort
- implement gc
- check if ratio makes sense (size of log file vs sum of elements)
- move average size to hashlists (maybe)
- review asserts
- get rid of _POSIX defines and strdups
- allocate only 'lower' memory for memalloc
- rewrite grinder
- all log numbers in log shall be %llx not %llu
- snapshot in fork.
- [test] single add plus del (ie: zero elements)
- [test] zero elements plus log until ratio=0
- [test] empty batch write
- [test] file bigger than 2GB
- sync() shall also fsync directories, why not.
- save indexes to disk, if changed more than XXX percent of pages.
- guard all mallocs/reallocs with assert.
- warn if ulimit -n smaller than slots.
- warn on no- memory overflow setting
- gc shall not fail with too-big-batch error
- review exported functions
- check on 32 bit platform
- erlang bindings
- allow batches with sets going below offset limit
- compile on mac
- compile to one big file
- code coverage
- remove dependency on uint128_t type - compile using tcc
- define and document endianness