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One-way synchronization of a ics calendar file to owncloud CalDAV
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One-way synchronization of an ics calendar file to owncloud CalDAV

The aim is simple: provide a one-way synchronization of an ics calendar file published by MS Outlook with a CalDAV calendar hosted on a private OwnCloud server.


My Outlook calendar allows me to publish an ics file to a WebDAV server. The overall methodology is to use a bash script to:

  • Retrieve the ics file,
  • Re-work it so that it is compatible with the OwnCloud CalDAV server,
  • Replace all previously uploaded CalDAV events with the new, updated version.

I started from the solutions provided by georgehrke, but it is not compabible with the latest version of OwnCloud. I therefore investigated further and found this Owncloud Forum Thread which I had to adapt a slightly to fit my needs:

  • I slightly adapted the ics file retrieval process to the download of a single well-defined file published by Outlook,
  • The re-work process is directly taken from the above sources. It consists in the split of the ics file into separate events,
  • I then needed a way to purge the CalDAV server from past synchronizations before uploading any new event. I could not find a nicer way to do so than to delete the whole calendar alltogether, before creating a new one,
  • The last step involves the upload of each of the separate events onto the CalDAV server.


The variables to update to your situation are:

  • LINK_TO_PUBLISHED_ICS_FILE : The link to the ics file published by Outlook or any other software,
  • OWNCLOUD_SERVER : the location of your CalDAV server (here, an Owncloud server),
  • USER : the username to access your CalDAV server,
  • PASSWORD : the password to access your CalDAV server.
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