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Java command line tools for DNSSEC
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Author: David Blacka (

This is a collection of DNSSEC tools written in Java.  They are
intended to be an addition or replacement for the DNSSEC tools that
are part of BIND 9.

These tools depend upon DNSjava (, the
Jakarta Commons CLI and Logging libraries (,
and Sun's Java Cryptography extensions.  A copy of each of these
libraries is included in the distribution.  Currently, these tools use
a custom version of the DNSjava library (for NSEC3 support), which is

See the "licenses" directory for the licensing information of this
package and the other packages that are distributed with it.

Getting started:

1. Unpack the binary distribution:

% tar zxvf java-dnssec-tools-x.x.x.tar.gz

2. Run the various tools from their unpacked location:

% cd java-dnssec-tools-x.x.x
% ./bin/jdnssec-signzone -h

Building from source:

1. Unpack the source distribution, preferably into the same directory
that the binary distribution was unpacked.

% tar zxvf java-dnssec-tools-x.x.x-src.tar.gz

2. Edit the file to suit your environment.

3. Run Ant (see for information about the Ant
build tool).

% ant

4. You can build the distribution tarballs with 'ant dist'.  You can
run the tools directly from the build area (without building the
jdnssec-tools.jar file) by using the ./bin/_jdnssec_* wrappers.

The source for this project is available in subversion, at  Source for
the modified DNSjava library can be found in subversion at


Questions or comments may be directed to the author
( or sent to the mailing list

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