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Automagical aims to create an easy to use WYSIWYG Editor for HTML and CSS that outputs as it's result clean, readable HTML and CSS. It's purpose is to help web designers get a good start on designing a web page and get feedback on it. When the initial design is done, you are left with clean HTML and CSS code to continue with.


jQuery 1.4.2 is included in the lib folder. The server side runs on Node.js. You will need to install node and npm. The app uses the following packages and versions:

connect@1.0.3             High performance middleware framework
connect-redis@1.0.0       Redis session store for Connect    
ejs@0.3.0                 Embedded JavaScript templates     
express@2.0.0beta2        Sinatra inspired web development 
express-contrib@0.3.4     Express utilities
express-messages@0.0.1    Express flash notification message 
hiredis@0.1.8             Wrapper for reply processing code 
mime@1.2.1                A comprehensive library for mime-ty
qs@0.0.6                  querystring parser    
redis@0.5.7               Redis client library    
jsdom@0.2.0               A javascript implementation of the jsdom
jquery@1.5.0              jQuery
request@1.9.0             active http installed simple util utility

After installing npm, you should be able to install all of the dependancies with 'npm install'. So to install express do: npm install express

You will also need to install and run Redis.

If you have problems running the app with the above instructions, please open an issue and I'll try to help you as soon as possible.