BigBlueButton module for BBB-Notes Server
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A BigBlueButton module for the Live Notes server:

The module currently resides in the main bbb repo at The most up to date code for the module can be found there.

To enable the module, uncomment it in the client's config.xml file.
In BigBlueButton.html, you need to uncomment the two javascript helper files that belong to the NotesModule. Alternatively, uncomment these same files in index.template.html and rebuild the client.

In the /jsp folder, deploy the file notes.jsp to your bigbluebutton tomcat installation bigbluebutton/notes/ folder (default ubuntu would be /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps/bigbluebutton/notes/notes.jsp).

You will also of course need to deploy the Live Notes server. See the Live Notes project above for simple instructions on how to do that.