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Erlyvideo is a flash streaming server, written in erlang: Source code is available at

All documentation is on and in doc/html/


Erlyvideo is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3 and is also available under alternative licenses negotiated directly with Erlyvideo author Max Lapshin The GPL (version 3) is included in this source tree in the file COPYING.

Erlyvideo has runtime dependencies from other packages:

  • amf distributed under MIT License and packaged inside Erlyvideo
  • erlydtl distributed under MIT License and packaged inside Erlyvideo
  • log4erl distributed under MIT License and packaged inside Erlyvideo
  • misultin distributed under BSD license and packaged inside Erlyvideo
  • src/mochijson2.erl distributed under MIT license and packaged inside Erlyvideo

To run tests don't forget to add test vhost:

{test, [ {hostname, ["test.local"]}, {rtmp_handlers, [trusted_login, remove_useless_prefix, apps_streaming, apps_recording, apps_shared_objects]}, {www_handlers, [ems_http_rtmpt, ems_http_templates, ems_http_erlyvideo_api, ems_http_mpegts, ems_http_flv, {ems_http_file, "wwwroot"}]}, {file_dir, "test/files"} ]}

How to install plugins

First you may install your own small plugin files. If you are building erlyvideo from source, you may put them into apps/plugins/src/, than run make, make release and you should get release folder erlyvideo with lib/plugins-...ez with your compiled files inside.

If you are compiling files outside erlyvideo, than just drop your compiled beam files into /opt/erlyvideo/plugins and erlyvideo will load all beam files from there automatically with following message:

Starting ems_sup:ems_event_sup <0.111.0> Starting ems_so_sup:shared_objects_sup <0.113.0> Starting ems_so_sup:shared_object_sup <0.114.0> Starting ems_sup:ems_so_sup <0.112.0> Starting ems_http_sup:8082 <0.115.0> Starting rtmp_sup:rtmp_listener1 <0.116.0> Load plugin s3pool %%%%% This is indicator of loading plugin files Starting rtsp_sup:rtsp_listener1 <0.117.0> <0.88.0> {std_info,"Started Erlyvideo"} ===================== Started application: erlyvideo =====================