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Unfortunately, the jitonomic.com will be closed. I am unable to support it and update.

In the meantime, prepare and lay out the source code of a site, database and source code of bots. Data cleaning will take time, because I do not want to have your private data falling into the wrong hands.

You can build and deploy a site anywhere, I will redirect domain to that address. If you mantain it some time, or you have a similar project, I will delegate the domain to you.

My mail as before jitonomic@gmail.com

Jitonomic is .NET 3.5 project written on C#

  • ASP.NET Website jitonomic.com

  • ASP.NET Website callisto.jitonomic.com - unfinished website with eve accounts

  • ASP.NET Website fitboard.jitonomic.com - unfinished website with fitting tool

  • Console Application(ex MS Azure Role) - Market Updater

  • Console Application(ex MS Azure Role) - Character Updater

  • 2.5GiB MS SQL 2012 DataBase

  • Market Bot - Python/C# Application