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system-setup-tools - is a set of the scripts to easy setup, installation and configuration of various server services and daemons, desktop components, applications and utilities.

List of scripts:

  • system-setup-autologin (Setup MDM autologin to system without password)
  • system-setup-dhcpd (Setup DHCP server)
  • system-setup-dovecot (Setup IMAP server)
  • system-setup-http (Setup apachee server)
  • system-setup-jabber (Install ejabberd XMPP server)
  • system-setup-java (Install Oracle JRE)
  • system-setup-mysql (Setup MYSQL server)
  • system-setup-named (Setup DNS server)
  • system-setup-openvpn (Setup OpenVPN server)
  • system-setup-pptpd (Setup PPTP server)
  • system-setup-proftpd (Setup FTP server)
  • system-setup-radiusd (Setup freeradius service)
  • system-setup-runlevel (Setup default system runlevel)
  • system-setup-samba (Setup samba server)
  • system-setup-squirellmail (Install squirellmail web interface)
  • system-setup-tftpd (Setup TFTP boot server)
  • system-setup-virtualhost (Add virtual host to apachee configuration)
  • system-setup-zfs (Add ZFS file system support)