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Client side ad mediation module for Ansca Corona
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Ad Mediator for Corona

This is a client side ad mediation module for Ansca Corona.
It supports multiple ad networks and house ads out of the box
and can be extended easily by using a simple plugin framework. 

Supported Networks;

   * admob
   * inmobi
   * inneractive
   * tapit
   * madvertise
   * herewead


   * use many ad networks together
   * switch to another network when there is no ad coming from current one
   * use your own banners (houseads)
   * change network and backfill priorities
   * use banner animations
   * change configuration on the server side if you wish
   * easily extend with new networks using the module plugin system

GitHub repository and documentation

Copyright by Deniz Aydinoglu

Corona® SDK is registered trademark of Ansca® Inc. Ansca, the Ansca Logo, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Ansca Inc.
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