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A super simple and elegant theme for hexo. Chan is '禪' in Chinese, which means a lot but presents simply. Less is more. Preview


Desktop Screenshot

Mobile Screenshot


git clone themes/chan

And set your theme to chan in your site _config.yml file.

Before deploying your site, you may need to run hexo clean to clean the cache:

hexo clean
hexo deploy


Only support the latest browsers. May work in the older ones but never tested.


feature list:

  • grayscale style
  • responsive design
  • inline gallery photos
  • photoswipe gallery
  • creative commons 4.0 supports
  • customizable sidebar link
  • duoshuo, disqus, jiathis supports
  • languages: en, zh-CN, zh-TW


We use a grayscale style to present photos and articles in desktop view. If you don't like it, you can disable it in the theme _config.yml file.

FancyBox / PhotoSwipe

Many people use FancyBox in their hexo sites, but the FancyBox project is no longer maintained since 2013. In this theme we use PhotoSwipe instead of FancyBox, and keep FancyBox tag usable (Did some tricks to the FancyBox tag to use PhotoSwipe), so you don't have to modify your post :).

{% photoswipe /path/to/image [/path/to/thumbnail] [title] [width] [height] %}
{% fancybox /path/to/image [/path/to/thumbnail] [title] [width] [height] %}

To use PhotoSwipe with gallery post, you may also set the caption and the dimension of a photo in the front matter with a photoInfos property which is a list of info with the same order as the corresponding photo:

title: Gallery Post
date: 2013-12-25 00:16:18
- /assets/wallpaper-2572384.jpg
- /assets/wallpaper-2311325.jpg
- /assets/wallpaper-878514.jpg
  caption: A Cat
  width: 1920
  height: 1200
  caption: A Girl
  caption: A City with Long Caption Like This

Creative Commons

We suggest using Creative Commons 4.0 International to protect your works. Once a cc front matter is set, a CC hint would be shown after the post:

Creative Commons

Take a look at the theme _config.yml for more details.


Currently we support the following languages:

  • en
  • zh-CN
  • zh-TW

According to a default language selecting bug in hexo #1125, you should set an exact language in the site _config.yml file rather than leaving it blank, or there may be inconsistence in languages in the view.


All settings are well documented in the _config.yml file, please check it out.