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Dino Game
Fish Game


Dino Game:

This game was made during this past Global Game Jam in collaboration with three other programmers and a musician. We each made one minigame, and one of us made the hub that connects them all. You're tasked with taking care of a dinosaur/dragon that appeared in the middle of the city. You must feed it, keep it safe while it sleeps, and make sure it gets exercise (3 minigames). I created the exercise minigame, as well as helped with design and game ideas, and with suggestions for programming the other scenes. My part of the game was similar to flappy bird, but you control using the mouse, and objects move at different speeds towards you, you have health, and it uses 3d assets.

Fish Game:

NOTE: This game is still in progress. I'm working on adding more music and making the music more interactive. I'm also porting it to both IOS and Android.

I made this game on my own during the summer of 2014 and it's the first game I've worked on. I created the music, programmed random level generation, random enemy spawning, and designed and implemented all gameplay elements. The two sprites in the game were created by an artist named Olena Cook, and the remaining art is taken from google images.
The controls are a little complicated, because the project was originally envisioned as an iPhone game. However, a high level of precision is possible once you get over the initial learning curve. The best method is to have your left hand over the keyboard, and your right hand in control of the mouse or trackpad. The game is controlled by tapping the space-bar with your left thumb, at the same time as you swipe your cursor (with your right hand) in the direction you wish to jump. It takes a light touch. While you're in the air, you can press "a" or "d" to influence your horizontal movement. The goal of the game is to reach the top by moving left or right across a level. This is done by jumping from one body of water to the next. If you touch the top of a level or the ground, you will restart at the beginning. If you hit a bird three times, you also restart.

To Run either game:

-Download the zip to your desktop. There's an icon on the bottom right side of the screen on the main github page. Then run the file if you're using a Mac, and for Windows, run the executable file.