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Android Spreadsheet

Copyright 2011-2015 Dennis Sheil

Released under Apache License, Version 2.0

In 2011 I began writing this spreadsheet app for Android.  With the use 
of the Apache POI libraries, I was able to load Microsoft Excel files in 
their pre-2007 (.xls) format.  That done, I guessed that loading 2007- 
style Excel files (.xlsx) would be easy, so I launched into designing 
the user interface.  At some point I went back to implement the 
functionality for 2007 on Excel files and discovered that, for a variety 
of reasons, including Android's famous 65,536 Dalvik executable method 
limit (which was an obscure problem at the time), loading XLSX files 
would be very difficult for the foreseeable future.  So I put this 
project aside in June 2011, and released it on Github in October 2011.

By February 2012 I had learned Android's XML layout format a little 
better, so I updated the app to fix that, as well as doing a little bit 
of refactoring.

You can tell how old this app is by the fact that it was watching for 
arrow keys, not fling gestures.  It is now July 2015, and I have updated 
the app so that you can browse the spreadsheet with fling gestures.

The lack of that particular "feature" irritated me, so I added it.  
Looking at this app, I see there are many things which have broken in 
newer versions of Android, such as file loading, and there are many 
features it needs.  I will fix things as my schedule allows.

I suggest visiting this page ( http://poi.apache.org/overview.html ) to 
see which referenced libraries you must include with this Android 
project, particularly the component map section.  As this currently only 
does HSSF, you just need the poi jars, which are poi itself ( 
poi-version-yyyymmdd.jar , with yyyymmdd being the date of the poi in 
question) as well as Apache commons-logging and log4j jar's.  You need 
those jar's as Android references libraries for this to be able to load 
pre-2007 XLS files.  

Patches doing things like OpenOffice/LibreOffice spreadsheets are 
welcome.  Feel free to contact me if you're considering doing that.

You can send me comments etc. - dsheil@vartmp.com