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A basic spreadsheet for Android
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Copyright 2011 Dennis Sheil

Android Spreadsheet

Released to Github, 2011 October 30
Under Apache License, Version 2.0

This is an Android targeted project.  It is a spreadsheet that can read 
Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in the pre-2007 format (.xls).  It 
implements the POI HSSF library.

It is missing a number of standard spreadsheet features, but that is 
because I was mostly working on implementing one feature in particular - 
the ability to read Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010 format spreadsheets.  
Android Dalvik executables have a 65,536 method limit, and with all the 
XSSF required libraries included, this program would exceed that limit.  
Thus, it only does HSSF (.xls, pre-2007 format) for now.  One of my 
goals is to get 2007 and 2010 format implemented.  I would want some 
help when tackling that.  The other spreadsheet features I will add if 
requested, but the one big feature of handling 2007 and 2010 format 
Microsoft Excel features I'd need the help of some POI and/or Android 
developers operating at an intermediate or advanced level.  With that 
help, I'd be willing to throw in half (or three quarters) the effort on 
that feature.  On other features, I'll implement whatever people want, 
as time allows.

Speaking of included libraries - I suggest visiting this page ( ) to see which referenced libraries 
you must include with this Android project, particularly the component 
map section.  As this currently only does HSSF, you just need the poi 
jars, which are poi itself ( poi-version-yyyymmdd.jar , with yyyymmdd 
being the date of the poi in question) as well as Apache commons-logging 
and log4j jar's.  You need those jar's as Android references libraries 
for this to be able to load pre-2007 XLS files.  That page also shows 
you what is needed for XSSF, Excel 2007 and 2010 files.  I actually 
stripped down the schemas file even more than it is already, but it 
still bypassed the 65536 method Dalvik executable method.  Even if it 
can't be whittled down to less than 65536 methods, putting this in an 
Android project is still doable, you just have to put two Dalvik 
executables in one project.  Some help in this is what I'm looking for.  
A lot of features this is missing I can do easily, I've just been 
wrapped up in trying to get those POI XSSF libraries in, so that this 
can do the latest Microsoft Excel files.

You can send me patches, comments etc. -

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