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@@ -6,6 +6,20 @@ Circus Linux ( ).
You can read the file pelya.txt for details about his port of the SDL
library to Android. This port of Circus Linux utilizes that library.
+TODO tasks/questions:
+* Make sure this runs across all display sizes and densities. Currently
+ the biggest offender for this is the placement of the initials when
+ one is typing out high scores, but there may be others.
+* Consider input changes. Right now one drags the teeter-totter back
+ and forth with one's finger, but we may use other input methods.
+ Perhaps tilting the screen left or right, perhaps an on-screen control
+ or controls.
+* Support of languages other than English.
This program, like Circus Linux, is released under the terms of the Gnu
Public License, version 2.
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