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\subsection*{迷你答疑 mini-FAQ}
-\par Q: What are prerequisites for reading this book?
-\par A: Basic understanding of C/C++ is desirable.
+\par Q: 阅读本书的预备知识是什么?
+\par A: 最好对C/C++有基本了解。
-\par Q: Can I buy Russian/English hardcopy/paper book?
-\par A: Unfortunately no, no publisher got interested in publishing Russian or English version so far.
-Meanwhile, you can ask your favorite copy shop to print/bind it.
+\par Q: 我能买到俄语或者英语的纸板印刷品吗?
+\par A: 抱歉,买不到,因为没有出版商对俄语或者英语版本有兴趣。当然,你可以自己找地方打印装订成书。
-\par Q: Is there epub/mobi version?
-\par A: The book is highly dependent on TeX/LaTeX-specific hacks, so converting to HTML (epub/mobi is a set of HTMLs)
-will not be easy.
+\par Q: 有epub/mobi版本吗?
+\par A: 本书是用TeX/LaTeX编写和编译, 所以转换成HTML (epub/mobi是一种HTMLs)不是那么容易。\footnote{译者语:国内有一个早先的翻译版本,可以从这个链接下载 (\url{})。注意,该版本基于某个较老版本翻译,已经不再和目前版本同步。}
-\par Q: Why should one learn assembly language these days?
-\par A: Unless you are an \ac{OS} developer, you probably don't need to code in assembly\textemdash{}latest compilers (2010s) are much better at performing optimizations than humans \footnote{A very good text about this topic: \InSqBrackets{\AgnerFog}}.
-Also, latest \ac{CPU}s are very complex devices and assembly knowledge doesn't really help one to understand their internals.
+\par Q: 这年头为啥还要学汇编呢?
+\par A: 除非你是 \ac{OS} 程序员, 否则你基本不需要写汇编\textemdash{}最新的编译器 (2010s) 已经能产生比手动汇编优化更好的优化代码。 \footnote{推荐一个相关扩展阅读: \InSqBrackets{\AgnerFog}}.
-That being said, there are at least two areas where a good understanding of assembly can be helpful:
-First and foremost, security/malware research. It is also a good way to gain a better understanding of your compiled code whilst debugging.
-This book is therefore intended for those who want to understand assembly language rather
-than to code in it, which is why there are many examples of compiler output contained within.
+而且,最新的 \ac{CPU}s 相当复杂,汇编知识已经不能帮助理解其内部构造。
-\par Q: I clicked on a hyperlink inside a PDF-document, how do I go back?
-\par A: In Adobe Acrobat Reader click Alt+LeftArrow. In Evince click ``<'' button.
+第一个也是最重要的一个,安全/病毒研究 (security/malware research)。另外,在调试程序的时候,对汇编的理解也能帮助理解编译器产生的代码。
-\par Q: May I print this book / use it for teaching?
-\par A: Of course! That's why the book is licensed under the Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA 4.0).
+\par Q: 我点击了一个PDF里的链接,然后如何回到PDF?
+\par A: 在Adobe Acrobat Reader点击Alt+LeftArrow。在Evince点击 ``<'' 按键。
-\par Q: Why is this book free? You've done great job. This is suspicious, as many other free things.
-\par A: In my own experience, authors of technical literature do this mostly for self-advertisement purposes. It's not possible to get any decent money from such work.
+\par Q: 我能打印本书或者作为教材教课吗?
+\par A: 必须的!本书使用Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA 4.0)就是为了这个目的。
-\par Q: How does one get a job in reverse engineering?
-\par A: There are hiring threads that appear from time to time on reddit, devoted to RE\FNURLREDDIT{}
-Try looking there.
+\par Q: 为啥本书免费?这本书很牛比,而且免费,让人生疑。
+\par A: 根据我的经验,技术类书籍作者通常通过免费来打广告。而且通常写这类书赚不到什么银子。
-A somewhat related hiring thread can be found in the \q{netsec} subreddit: \NetsecHiringThread{}.
+\par Q: 如何能找到一个逆向工程师的工作呢?How does one get a job in reverse engineering?
+\par A: Reddit上有一个专门的用来招聘逆向工程师的论坛\FNURLREDDIT{}
-\par Q: I have a question...
-\par A: Send it to me by email (\EMAIL).
+另一个相关的招聘信息可以在\q{netsec} subreddit: \NetsecHiringThread{}找到。
+\par Q: 我想提问。。。
+\par A: 给俺发邮件 (\EMAIL)。

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