usbfd is a Linux Bash script. Used to mount unmount and format USB sticks with up to 1000 FDD images as used by USB Floppy Disk Drive Emulators. Originally written for GOTEK 1000 models.
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usbfd is no longer being maintained. I sold the piano I installed the hardware in and have no way to test changes.
If somebody wants to take over the project then drop me a line.

usbfd is intended as a tool to handle USB thumb drives used with USB FDD emulators.

It was written for a GNU/Linux Bash system using a GOTEK 1000 model, YMMV.

Just copy it into your bin folder or somewhere else and chmod +x it so you can run it from the command line.

use usbfd -? to get help

This: 0.9.1 -
- is the stable initial version that formats, mounts and unmounts (etc...) USB Floppy Emulator images.
Tested extensively with a cheap GOTEK 1000 Floppy Drive Emulator from Ebay which is connected to my Yamaha Clavinova CVP 109 Piano.

It allows you to efficiently manage (mount / unmount / format) whole ranges of floppy images or just one at a time. Then you can use standard OS functions to copy the data to and from the images quickly.

Its a bash script for Linux because all the existing tools for mounting and formatting USB FDD Emulator images are for Windows.