This NodeJS application listens to MQTT messages and transforms them into Philips Hue API calls
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This node.js server listens on MQTT messages for lights and translates it to the philips hue bridge


Clone the repository

$ git clone
$ cd mqtt-hue-bridge
$ npm install

Start up the server by editing the config.js first to suit your needs

$ $EDITOR config.js
$ node server.js

Or by using environment variables

$ MQTT_HOSTNAME="" HUE_HOSTNAME="" HUE_USERNAME=$(whoami) node server.js

Publish some MQTT messages to try it out (I use mosquitto server for this, but whatever MQTT server should work)

$ mosquitto_pub -m "on" -t "light/all/state"
$ mosquitto_pub -m "50" -t "light/2/brightness"