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   PacketManipulator is a network scanning frontend.

   PacketManipulator is developed in the Python programming language, and
   its interface is built with the GTK Toolkit.

   The project goal is to develop a frontend that is really useful for
   advanced users and easy to be used by newbies. With PacketManipulator,
   network admin can forge custom packets and send them over the wire
   to analyze the network, sniff on a selected interface or simply edit
   a pcap file for further replay.

   For bugs/suggestions please contact the author or create a ticket on


   PacketManipulator is available for multiple platforms. It has been
   (successfully?) tested on the following platforms/flavors:

     * Archlinux
     * Gentoo Linux
     * Ubuntu
     * Microsoft Windows XP


   Use the distutils compatible file provided. If you want to
   enable the moo docking library prepend a PM_DOCKING=1 as environ
   before building:

     $ PM_DOCKING=1 python install --prefix=/usr


     * [1] Python 2.6 or higher
     * [2] GTK+ 2.6 or higher
     * [3] PyGTK 2.6 or higher
     * [4] Psyco (optional)
     * [5] PyGtkHex (optional)

Supported Backends

     * [6] Scapy/Scapy-win32
     * [7] UMPA (not in this version)


   PacketManipulator is developed and maintained by:

     *  Francesco Piccinno (



[1] Python official website -
[2] GTK official website -
[3] PyGTK official website -
[4] Pysco website -
[5] PyGtkHex website -

[6] Scapy official website -
[7] UMPA trac site -
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