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(c) Dennis Guse, 2014-2016, GPLv3 or later.

Offers nothing else than writing.

It is meant to be for paragraph writing - so just write your current paragraph and then press enter. Your current paragraph (the one with the cursor) is highlighted and the current paragraph will stay centered.

TheSchreibmaschine does not save or upload anything. If you close the tab/browser your text is gone! You can either use the hidden features (see below) or simply save the TheSchreibmaschine-Webpage on your Computer and open this later again.

Heavily uses HTML5 and CSS3 features (compliance with standards).


  • Your text only.
  • Your current paragraph remains centered.
  • There is no text selection.
  • There is no CTRL-Z.
  • You can do everything via a keyboard.
  • Thesaurus: (so far GERMAN only) offline data from (use CTRL-SPACE)

Hidden Features

  • Allows drag and drop for loading and saving.

  • Download of current text is triggered on double click.

  • Use in fullscreen mode (press F11).


  • CTRL-V (pasting from clipboard) is working in Chrome and IE.

  • CTRL-SPACE activates the thesaurus for the word around the cursor; no auto-correction or completion available.

  • ALT-S: Save the document (currently done via download).

  • ALT-N: Open a new window of TheSchreibmaschine.

  • ALT-H: Display the as popup.

  • ALT-A: Toggle text alignment (left vs. center).

  • ALT-W: Toggle page width (40% or 80% of full window).

  • ALT-C: Toggle background color (white vs. whitesmoke).

  • ALT-V: Toggle typewriter volume (0.0 vs. 1.0).

Use your browser's support for zooming in/out to change the font size.

  • Default text: the URL search string (e.g. http://../?XXX) is used as default text.

How it works

The main code looks like that

    <div id="editor" ondrop="loadDrop(event)" ondragover="loadAllowDrop(event)">
        <div id="page">
            <div id="currentParagraph">Hello World!<div id="cursor">&nbsp;</div></div>

The HTML code is the underlying data model and updates itself.

The paragraph containing the cursor is tagged as currentParagraph and centered (as well as highlighted).

The following functions handle writing:

  • write()
  • moveCursorXXX()
  • backspace() and del()
  • newParagraph()

These functions handle centering and highlighting of the paragraph:

  • setCurrentParagraph()
  • centerCurrentParagraph()

The following events are captured:

  • window.onresize
  • document.onkeydown
  • document.onkeypress
  • document.onclick
  • document.ondbclick

All animations and visual things are done in CSS. The id's of these objects are:

  • cursor
  • currentParagraph
  • editor
  • page


An almost distraction free text editor. Looks like a typewriter. Sounds like a typewriter. Runs in a web browser.







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