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Dennis Guse,
Executes a SQL query/command, converts (single line, without seperators), and writes the results to $outFile or prints them to STDOUT.
This script is designed for queries with one row and one column.
It is, for example, useful to export JSON files from SQLServer.
Requires the Microsoft SQLServer Powershell module:
HelpMessage="Path to the destination file. Leave empty to pipe as 'SQLResult' and log to console.")]
Write-Host $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Name
Write-Host $serverInstance
Write-Host $sqlQuery
try {
$resultSet = Invoke-Sqlcmd -ServerInstance ($serverInstance) -Query ($sqlQuery)
} catch {
exit -1
#Convert resultSet to array[string]
if ($resultSet -is [array]) {
$resultStringArray =$resultSet.forEach({$_.itemArray })
else {
$resultStringArray = $resultSet.itemArray
#Convert table to string (one line)
$resultString = [string]::Concat($resultStringArray)
if ($outFile.Length -gt 0) {
$resultString | Out-File -FilePath ($outFile) -Encoding 'UTF8' -Confirm
} else {
#Prepare pipeline content
$pipelineOutput = New-Object –typename PSObject
$pipelineOutput | Add-Member -membertype NoteProperty -name SQLResult -value ($resultString)
#Write-Output $pipelineOutput
Write-Output $pipelineOutput