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Sublime Text 2 Subversion Plug-in

A very basic subversion plugin for the Sublime Text 2 text editor, based on burriko's plugin.

The aim is to provide a quick method to commit simple changes without leaving Sublime Text 2. To this end the only subversion commands that are supported are:

  • 'status', to check what files have been modified
  • 'update', to get the latest version of a file
  • 'add', to add new files to the commit
  • 'commit', to commit changes with a brief message

Committing will show you a colorized diff of your changes, and allow you to enter a single line of text for the commit message.

NOTE: The commands 'status' and 'update' run at the FOLDER level of the current file, but 'add' and 'commit' only operate upon the current file.


  • In Sublime Text 2, select Preferences > Browse Packages. A finder/explorer instance will open to "Packages". Open the "User" subfolder.
  • Copy and Default.sublime-keymap into the Sublime Text 2/Packages/User folder that you opened in the previous step.
  • You may need to restart ST2 so that it will compile the .py file to a .pyc file.
  • All commands are accessed via keyboard shortcuts, which you can view/change by opening Default.sublime-keymap.


  • A subversion command line client (not tortoise) installed and in your path (i.e., you can type svn -h in a command window and it lists the svn commands).

Known Issues

Very occasionally Sublime Text 2 will freeze when generating the diff. Killing the svn process (ps -A | grep svn, note the process id of svn (not grep!), and kill -9 THE_PROCESS_ID#) will bring Sublime Text 2 back to life.