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A Sinatra app to view/manage beanstalkd queues that can be embedded in a Rails app similar to what's available in Resque

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Beanstalkd View

A Sinatra app to view/manage beanstalkd queues that can be embedded in a Rails app similar to what's available in Resque.


To use in a Rails app, include the gem in your Gemfile:

gem beanstalkd_view

Otherwise, gem install beanstalkd_view

Use the following environment variable to specify the location of the beanstalk server:

ENV['BEANSTALK_URL'] = 'beanstalk://localhost/'

This can be a comma separated list, e.g. 'beanstalk://localhost:11300,beanstalk://localhost:11400'

Embedding in a Rails app

Add the following to your routes.rb file:

mount BeanstalkdView::Server, :at => "/beanstalkd"

(NOTE: You may mount the server at any path, not just /beanstalkd)

You can then browse to your application path to view information about your beanstalkd tubes, i.e.

If you wish to authenticate the mounted app with Devise, it would look something like:

devise_for :admin_users, ActiveAdmin::Devise.config

match('/beanstalkd/admin/login' => redirect('/admin/login'))
authenticate :admin_user do
  mount BeanstalkdView::Server, at: "/beanstalkd"


  1. CSS/JS assets not being served in Rails when running behind Apache or Nginx


Running from the command line

Run the beanstalkd_view executable, e.g.


or from a Rails app:

bundle exec beanstalkd_view

(This will use the vegas gem to launch the Sinatra app on an available port.)

Alternatively, a Rackup file is provided. To use: cd into the beanstalkd_view directory and execute:


Running with Docker

You can have a look at beanstalkd_view by running it in a Docker container:

docker build -t beanstalkd_view git://

docker run -t -i -p 5678:5678 -e BEANSTALK_URL=beanstalk:// beanstalkd_view

Most likely you have to adjust BEANSTALK_URL for your setup. You can then access beanstalkd_view on http://localhost:5678



Building the front-end Javascript

This project uses Grunt ( to manage javascript/css linting, concatenation, and minification, and Bower ( to manage Javascript dependencies.

For development, install Grunt and Bower as specified on their websites. Then execute

bower install

from the command line after modifying any javascript or css files. The output files will be placed in the lib/beanstalkd_view/resources directory.

Running the tests

There are 3 variants of RSpec tests.

  • Without beanstalkd running, just execute: rspec spec
  • With 1 instance of beanstalkd running (default port), execute: rspec spec --tag requires_beanstalkd
  • With 2 instances of beanstalkd running (ports 11300 and 11400), execute: rspec spec --tag requires_two_beanstalkd


beanstalkd_view is released under the MIT license:

It makes use of the following components also using the MIT license:

And under the Apache license:

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