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Blog using Dynamic CMS development with Static HTML deployment
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Personal blog using a Dynamic CMS for development with a Static HTML for deployment.

About blogstrapi

blogstrapi was a personal project to create a GUI head that is modular, which can be developed with any "Headless" CMS backend.

Index page

Responsive and Fast

The GUI is developed using Bootstrap 4 and Harp.js, which supports EJS. The navigation menu collapses, when viewed on a mobile device, into a hamburger menu.

Viewed on a mobile device


Partials that contain embeddable code are stored in the layout folder, e.g. _header.ejs.


Blog articles are stored as markdown files in the blog/ folder, while their metadata are stored in _data.json within the same folder. Harp generates one html per markdown file.

The index page dynamically populates all articles' snippets from the metadata stored in blog/_data.json.


This is my blog, which is based on the this template, and it has a tutorial explaining how bootstrapi was developed.

Project Structure

 blogstrapi/                 <-- Root of your project
   |- package.json           <-- Node.js project entries
   |- _harp.json             <-- Global variables goes here
   |- _data.json             <-- Page variables goes here
   |- _layout.ejs            <-- Common layout for each page in root folder
   |- index.ejs              <-- Home page of your blog, Harp will produce an index.html
   +- css/                   <-- Holds any CSS or SCSS theme files
      |- bootstrap.min.css   <-- At a minimum, the bootstrap CSS file
      |- mytheme.css         <-- Our custom CSS theme goes here
   +- js/                    <-- Holds any JS files
      |- bootstrap.min.js    <-- At a minimum, the bootstrap JS file
   +- layout/                <-- Holds any partials, prefixed with "_"
      |- _header.ejs         <-- Header partial, i.e. called by partial() function
      |- _footer.ejs         <-- Footer partial, i.e. called by partial() function
   +- blog/                  <-- Holds any articles in Markdown files, Harp produces a html per md file
      |- _data.json          <-- Blog articles metadata goes here
      |- _layout.ejs         <-- Layout for each article in blog/ folder

Example Usage

In the following example, the default application will be created in the folder myproject/.

 $ harp init myproject --boilerplate dennislwm/blogstrapi

In the folder myproject/, spin up the server, which can be viewed at localhost:9000

 $ harp server

Reach Out!

Please consider giving this repository a star on GitHub.


The blogstrapi source code is licensed under the GPL-3.0 license.

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