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Free, Fast, Secure and Serverless Password Generator

About serverless-pwd-gen

This project was created by me because I couldn't find a Password generator that had these features in combination:

  • Using English names or dictionary words
  • Custom table mapping of alphabets to special characters
  • Password strength checker
  • Free, fast, responsive, secure and serverless

Basically, I'm not very good at remembering passwords. Hence, I always use English names or dictionary words as passwords.

This becomes an issue because any potential hackers can brute hack these passwords. However, if I were to replace some alphabets with special characters, such as a -> @, then the difficulty of hacking has gone up significantly, while my password can still be easily recalled from my memory.

In other words, so long as you keep secure the custom table of maps, then you should be able to thwart hackers from guessing your passwords, while keeping your mind sane from remembering all types of weird password combinations.

The motivation for a free, fast, secure and serverless web application came from, where you could encrypt a file without uploading it to a server as everything is done offline in your browser.

Responsive and Fast

Basically, I used my own blogstrapi boilerplate as a starting point for this web app. It is responsive and fast because it uses both vanilla Bootstrap 4 and jQuery.

Secure and Serverless

As I had to find a way to generate random names, using an existing HTTP API was the easiest. However, after fetching the names, this array of strings has to be transformed using a local JSON table into possible passwords.

The data.JSON is a file that resides on your local computer, and it doesn't get uploaded to a server, as the post-processing is done locally in your browser.

Index page


This project is built using Bootstrap 4 and jQuery, and it has the following dependencies:

  • - HTTP API to generate random names

As this article assumes you have some knowledge on how to build a HTML site, I will not go through the basics.

You can always check out my article on Creating a Blog Theme with Bootstrap and Harp for the basics.

Project Structure

 serverless-pwd-gen/         <-- Root of your project
   |- index.html             <-- Home page of this project
   |- about.html             <-- About page of this project
   |- data.json              <-- Custom JSON table of maps
   +- css/                   <-- Holds any CSS or SCSS theme files
      |- mytheme.css         <-- Our custom CSS theme goes here

Blog Article

This article Creating a Fast, Free, Secure and Serverless Password Generator on my blog explains how serverless-pwd-gen was developed.

Example Usage

In the following example, the default application will be created in the folder myproject/.

 $ git clone myproject

In the folder myproject/, open the file index.html in your web browser.

Reach Out!

Please consider giving this repository a star on GitHub.


The serverless-pwd-gen source code is licensed under the GPL-3.0 license.