webrtc.io modified to supply the client files THIS IS A FORK WE HAVE THE CODE OVER AT http://githube.com/webRTC/ Please go there and star
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You can have a look at the demo

##Instructions on how to setup the demo:

Run in your terminal

git clone git@github.com:webRTC/webrtc.io-demo.git
cd webrtc.io-demo
npm install
cd site
node server.js

In a version of Chrome that have webRTC support.

go to localhost:8080

click allow to see your camera

go to localhost:8080

click allow to see your camera and the connection will be made between your to open windows.

##For instructions on how to start developing with webRTC.io

go to https://github.com/webRTC/webRTC.io and read the instructions.

Developed by: @dennismatensson @cavedweller @sarenji