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My 3rd Month of Full-Time Open Source
Open Source
BTCPay Server
Summary of my open source contributions in June 2020, which is the third month of my full-time open source journey.

My 3rd Month of Full-Time Open Source

Code contribution-wise June has been a slower month than the ones before. I spent quite some time with an ASP.NET project I'm currently working on, but which isn't published yet. Nevertheless there has been the v1.0.5.0 release of BTCPay Server, to which I contributed the GreenField Server Info API, the Tor Onion-Location HTTP header and a refactoring or the Point Of Sale app.

We also officially launched the new documentation and mostly finished the remaining tasks on that front. If you want to learn more, I wrote about that in detail last month.

In love with the Raspiblitz

My node went down with some disk corruption and I spent some time trying to fix it. In the end I had to replace it, but was glad to do so as that brought me to the Raspiblitz. Setting everything up I immediately fell in love with this project: It's not just a nice and easy way to get your own full node up and running, but also a platform to extend and hack on.

That lead me to adding my stacking-sats-kraken script and kindle-display server as bonus scripts to the Raspiblitz. I asked for help reviewing those and seeing people quickly spinning up their own instances and providing feedback was a really gratifying experience. The kindle-display project also received some PRs since then and we could refine it to a nice and simple version I think.

Github Summary for June 2020

Other than that I've been more involved with podcasting again: I also printed some stickers and have ideas for more. Maybe I'll come up with a sticker pack that I can set up a small shop for.

I'll definitely be coding more next month, so stay tuned for a longer report next time. 😀