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My 5th Month of Full-Time Open Source
Open Source
BTCPay Server
Summary of my open source contributions in August 2020, which is the fifth month of my full-time open source journey.

My 5th Month of Full-Time Open Source

August has been kinda boring, compared to July: We've been on vacation and I enjoyed the time away from the keyboard. Spending ten days in the sun and at the beach was good and necessary, especially when you are working from home all the time.

GitHub Contribution Summary

Almost all of the time I've worked has been spent on BTCPay Server: Besides continuing to brush up individual screens, I've also done some small bug fixes.

Nothing too exciting here, but I hope to release an extension I'm working on next month: It's an application kinda similar to LNbits, which will allow you to use the BTCPay Server Lightning node in custodial mode. This is a frequently requested feature and I got something close to a v0.1 now 😀

Github Summary for August 2020