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@@ -5,11 +5,11 @@ The prior v1 is open source and the current v2 is [available on the App Store](h
I removed the contents of this repo, because people kept confusing this for the current version that is
available n the App Store. Please note that the source is still available and can be used, just go back
-to [the last commit](/dennisreimann/ioctocat/commit/f6a31575707b0a51609a40bb32089eea97841612) - just keep
+to [the last ref before the cleaning]( - just keep
in mind that this version is not updated for iOS 7.
For further information visit the [project website](
* [Changelog]( - The differences between v1 and v2
* [Contributing]( - How to file issues and prepare pull requests
- * [Contributors](/dennisreimann/ioctocat/contributors) - Nice people
+ * [Contributors](/dennisreimann/ioctocat/contributors) - Nice people

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