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Any way to implement the milestones?

As first phase:

Group the issues at the issues-table by the linked Milestones, using Sections of the UITableView.

[Tickets without Milestone]

Assign/edit milestones of a ticket


iosdeveloper commented Feb 20, 2013

Maybe filter issues by arguments (like milestone) other than just open/close like on GitHub?


dennisreimann commented Feb 20, 2013

v1.9 will be all about improved issue management. This will be added too :)

Ok cool! I'm a new user to this application, finally an application for GitHub on the iPad. Although I build own software daily, I bought it in the App Store, I hope 1.9 will improve the issue-manager a lot, since this is a tool I use on daily base.


dennisreimann commented Feb 20, 2013

If you are looking for a wonderful issue editor app for the iPad: Look no further than BugHub. It works great and is targeted specifically for managing issues on the iPad. I'm afraid iOctocat may never be as good as BugHub for this purpose, but that app is what my role model for that use case would be.

I bought BugHub a time ago, but it's crashing every 2 minutes, makes it unusable to use.

Just did a re-install, I login, select only 2 repos and boom, crashed again. No go that project. I hope you don't copy the crashes, since iOctocat is doing quite fine.


dennisreimann commented Feb 20, 2013

hehe, it works for me though, maybe I should stress test it more ;)

there are some rough edges in v1.7.6 of iOctocat too, v1.7.7 is currently waiting for review and v1.7.8 is already cooking,…

Ok, anyway, I'll contact BugHub since I cannot believe my account should be that different or weird. Curious to see iOctocat 1.9 😄

potsky commented Mar 8, 2013

Hi! Thank you for this App and I am waiting too for next release with better issue management (personally just need milestone filter and applying milestone on an issue)

potsky commented Mar 8, 2013

I just bought BugHub ! What a beautiful interface ! It works for me.
Eh eh new request : euuuh could you buy BugHub code source to integrate it in iOctocat ? Mouah ah !

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