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So, here are the first mockups I created for the redesign of the iPad version, using UISplitViews and taking a little more advantage of the bigger screen size.

Start Screen

Simple ... Just a list of the accounts in the Main View ... Somewhere I would add an "Add Account" Button ... If only one account is present at startup, I would go directly to the News Feed, just like the iPhone app does

Main View

In the main view you have a list of all the users repos, gists and organizations. The Detail View features the current events, with big gravatars and links to all the important parts of the feed entry (Profile, Repo, Issue, Pull Request, etc).

Repo Browser

The main view has a list of all branches, open issues and open pull requests. The detail view shows the repos title, owner, website link, the most current commit on the main branch and shows a rendered version of the Readme & Contributing files.

Repo Browser

When you click on a branch, you get a list of the commits on that branch in the main view. The detail view shows a rendered version of the diff of that commit. No more clicking on each file individually.
On the bottom of the main view there is a selector to switch the browse mode to "File Browser"

Repo Browser

This shows a file browser for the repository. It lets you browse through the folders in the main view and shows a files content in the detail view after clicking on one.

Those are my first mockups ... They are up for discussion, I will add some more later or maybe just write some code and let you decide this way if you like it ... Please comment


Thank you, I really like where this is going! Your mockups are showing how we could leverage the existing space way better.

One thing we can or even should consider: This has some potential overlap with things that could be done to the iPhone UI as well (see #166). What are your opinions and thoughts about reusing parts of the redesign for the iPhone?

I like how you are using the split views for the different areas of the app. At first I thought about using the for issues and the repos, but I guess they make sense almost everywhere. I'll let these ideas sink in and am looking forward to discuss this in detail.


I think I'll just go ahead and design some of the views without putting much effort into designing the single elements specially, so we can get a feel for the UI instead of just seeing mocks



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