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iOctocat v1 - GitHub for iOS (works on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch)
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Assets New code highlighting languages and themes
Classes Prefix extension classes and methods
Debug Note about debugging with pre-1.9 Ruby versions
IBFiles Refactoring: Resource editing
Images Update mark as read icon in list
Pods Improved accessibility for ECSlidingViewController
Settings.bundle Links in event items instead of buttons
Sounds Added custom sounds and request for notification sound
TestScripts Fixed unit test cli script
ThirdPartyLicenses Added license acknowledgements for third party libs
iOctocat.xcodeproj Prefix extension classes and methods
iOctocat.xcworkspace Share exception breakpoint
iOctocatUnitTests Prefix extension classes and methods
.gitignore Improved IOCApiClient
.gitmodules Switched Base64 implemenation
.travis.yml Added Travis CI config Updated CHANGELOG Updated CHANGELOG Updated CHANGELOG Renamed CONTRIBUTING guide Added bootstrap script
Gemfile Update cocoapods
Gemfile.lock Update cocoapods
Guardfile Setup for running tests with Guard
HockeySDK.sample.plist Enhancements for beta program
IOCAppConstants.h Refactoring: GHResource
IOCApplication.h Web view: Copy URL, Open in Safari
IOCApplication.m Web view: Copy URL, Open in Safari
Info-Beta.plist Bump beta version to v1.8.1.7
Info.plist Open README URLs
JLog.h Logging output changes
MIT-LICENSE Revert "Changed license to GPL v3"
Menu.plist Basics for Notifications
Podfile Links in event items instead of buttons
Podfile.lock Links in event items instead of buttons Correct project website Improved bootstrap script
iOctocatAPI.sample.plist Renamed sample file
iOctocat_Prefix.pch Added basic tests for GHEvent class
iTunesArtwork More icon tuning
main.m Refactoring: Prefixed own classes

iOctocat Build Status

… is a GitHub app for your iOS devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch). It is open source and available on the App Store.

For further information visit the project website.

Your participation is welcome. Feel free to fork, add missing features or report issues :)

Further information


iOctocat uses some third party components and libraries:

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