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# Config for dsTitle plugin
# For the different text colors and styles, go to
# Be aware to use spaces, not tabs.
# For more info, see
# Should the plugin set the chatformat to the one specified in this config?
overwrite_format: false
# The charformat used when overwrite_format is true
# %1$s will be replaced with the playername, %2$s with the message and
# [titleprefix] and [titlesuffix] with the title
chat_format: '<[titleprefix]%1$s[titlesuffix]> %2$s'
# The tag in the chatformat which will be replaced by the prefix
chat_format_prefix_tag: '[titleprefix]'
# The tag in the chatformat which will be replaced by the suffix
chat_format_suffix_tag: '[titlesuffix]'
# If chatformat is not overwritten, but the prefixtag or suffixtag cannot be found,
# The prefix of suffix will be inserted before or after this tag in the chatformat,
# which will most of the times be the playersname.
# By default this is '%1$s', but some chat plugins use other tags for the playername
chat_format_player_tag: '%1$s'
# Set this to true if you use ChatManager
use_deprecated_listener: false
# Should the plugin show all unavailable titles when a player does /title list ?
show_unavailable_titles: true
# Should chat title be enabled?
use_chattag: true
# Should the plugin also change the tags above the heads of players?
# These will be set to the values of headprefix and headsuffix in titleConfig.yml
# Disable this if you have another plugin which handles this or uses teams of the Bukkit scoreboard api.
use_nametag: true
# Should the plugin check for updates and notify all players with ds_title.admin?
check_for_updates: true
# The time between two checks for a new version, in minutes (default 180 = 3 hours)
update_check_interval: 180
# Storage type to store titles of player
# Possible values: 'file' and 'database'
type: file
# The name of the file to use when storing titles in a file
file: players.yml
# Database settings
# Database driver. Possible values: H2, MYSQL, POSTGRE, SQLITE
driver: ''
# Url of the database, or filename in case of SQLITE
url: ''
# Username for database. Not needed when using SQLITE
username: ''
# Password for database. Not needed when using SQLITE
password: ''
# I think this doesn't need explanation
error_no_player: '&8[&eTitles&8] &cOnly players can use this command'
error_no_permission: '&8[&eTitles&8] &cYou don`t have enough permissions for this command'
error_no_vault: '&8[&eTitles&8] &cVault needs to be installed/enabled to use this command'
error_no_valid_field: '&8[&eTitles&8] &cThat is not a valid field. Valid fields: &fchattag&c, &fheadtag&c, &fpermission&c, &fdescription'
error_prefix_not_found: '&8[&eTitles&8] &cThat prefix is not found!'
error_suffix_not_found: '&8[&eTitles&8] &cThat suffix is not found!'
error_prefix_exists: '&8[&eTitles&8] &cThat prefix already exists!'
error_suffix_exists: '&8[&eTitles&8] &cThat suffix already exists!'
error_headtag_too_long: '&8[&eTitles&8] &cA headtag can have a maximum length of 16!'
prefix_set: '&8[&eTitles&8] &ePrefix set!'
suffix_set: '&8[&eTitles&8] &eSuffix set!'
title_cleared: '&8[&eTitles&8] &eTitle cleared!'
title_added: '&8[&eTitles&8] &eTitle added!'
title_edited: '&8[&eTitles&8] &eTitle edited!'
prefix_granted: '&8[&eTitles&8] &ePrefix &f{title} &egranted to &f{name}&e.'
suffix_granted: '&8[&eTitles&8] &eSuffix &f{title} &egranted to &f{name}&e.'
prefix_ungranted: '&8[&eTitles&8] &ePrefix &f{title} &eungranted from &f{name}&e.'
suffix_ungranted: '&8[&eTitles&8] &eSuffix &f{title} &eungranted from &f{name}&e.'
reloaded: '&8[&eTitles&8] &eConfig reloaded'
update_notification: '&8[&eTitles&8] &eThere is a new version (&f{version}&e, current: &f{current}&e) available. Download it here: {website}'
# Header showed above unavailable titles, when a player does /title list
unavailable_header: '&8~~=={ &cUnavailable &etitles &8}==~~'
# Header showed above available titles, when a player does /title list
available_header: '&8~~=={ &aAvailable &etitles &8}==~~'
# Make up of one title in the list showed when a player does /title list
title_listitem: '{name}&r: {preview} &r&8({description})'
# The help menu (if you just use /title)
menu_header: '&8~~=={ &e&ldsTitles help &r&8}==~~'
menu_prefix_list: ' &e/title prefix &fList available prefixes'
menu_prefix_set: ' &e/title prefix set <name> &fSet your prefix'
menu_suffix_list: ' &e/title suffix &fList available suffixes'
menu_suffix_set: ' &e/title suffix set <name> &fSet your suffix'
menu_clear: ' &e/title clear &fClear your title'
menu_add: ' &e/title add <suffix|prefix> <title> &fAdd a new title'
menu_edit: ' &e/title edit <suffix|prefix> <title> <field> <value> &fEdit a field of a title'
menu_grant: ' &e/title grant <suffix|prefix> <player> <title> &fGrant a title to a player'
menu_ungrant: ' &e/title ungrant <suffix|prefix> <player> <title> &fUngrant a title from a player'
menu_reload: ' &e/title reload &fReload the config'
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