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wkcheck is a command-line tool to access information from your WaniKani account.


$ gem install wanikani


Before using wkcheck, you need to set up the WaniKani API key from your account. You need to use the --api-key flag to save your API Key for future use. This only needs to be done once. A file will be created in ~/.wkcheck.yml with your API Key. The key can be found in your account settings.

$ wkcheck --api-key=YOUR_WANIKANI_API_KEY


Once the API Key is saved, you can check fetch different types of information from your WaniKani account (run wkcheck to see the different options).

Current study queue

Displays how many new lessons and current reviews you have pending.

$ wkcheck -q
You have no lessons pending.
You have 93 reviews pending.

If you don't have any lessons or reviews pending, you'll be able to see when your next review will come up.

$ wkcheck -q
You have no lessons or reviews now! You'll have some more on Sunday, May 10 at 8:45 AM.

Current level progression

Displays the number of radicals and kanji that have passed 'Apprentice' status for your current level.

$ wkcheck -l
Your progress for level 18:
0 out of 8 Radicals (0.0%)
2 out of 29 Kanji (6.9%)

Critical items

Displays your current criticals under a certain percentage of correctness (default: 75).

$ wkcheck -c
Your Critical Items - Max percentage: 75 (Kanji, Radicals, Vocabulary):
了 (りょう) - finish, complete, end
感覚 (かんかく) - senses, the senses

You can also specify an integer to change the max percentage of correctness.

$ wkcheck -c 85
Your Critical Items - Max percentage: 85 (Kanji, Radicals, Vocabulary):
栄 (えい) - prosperity, flourish
署 (しょ) - government office, political office, office
隹 - turkey
去 - cemetery
上がる (あがる) - to rise
商売 (しょうばい) - business, commerce

Random Kanji / Random Word

Displays information for a random kanji or word from WaniKani's database. It goes through all levels, not just your current level.

$ wkcheck -k
Your random kanji is 肌
Level: 45
Meaning: skin
Reading (kunyomi): はだ
$ wkcheck -w
Your random word is 彩る
Level: 48
Meaning: to color something, to colour something, to color, to colour
Reading: いろどる


I'll be super-happy if you guys help giving back! If you want to do some hacking on wkcheck for your needs, this is a good guideline to get started:

  • Fork the repo on GitHub
  • Create a branch on your clone that will contain your changes
  • Hack away on your branch
  • Add tests in the /features or /test directory relating to your changes
  • Make sure all tests still pass (rake test_all)
  • If you're adding new functionality, make sure to update
  • Push the branch to GitHub
  • Send me a pull request for your branch