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An incomplete list of features and functionality that we'd like to add to
ShinyCMS in the future (short or long term).
[ Key: * is (more or less) working, + isn't finished, - isn't started ]
- There is huge scope for improvement in the test suite
* Top-level / site-wide features
- Open Graph metatags:
- Rewrite tasks to read config and access db model directly rather than
loading the whole Catalyst app into memory
+ Redo existing pagination to use Data::Page instead
+ (Shop already has this, Blog/News/etc need it)
+ Improve error-handling (coverage and UX)
- Catch 500 error when admin adds user with duplicate username
- Catch 500 error when admin adds page with duplicate url_name
- Refactor larger controllers into sub-controllers (e.g. Shop::Item)
- Refactor CmsPage, ShopItem (etc?) to inherit from a BaseObject ??
(which has BaseObjectElements)
+ Nicer test data for blog posts, news items, pages, etc
+ Use excerpts from Little Brother (CC-licensed)
- Check to see if anyone has created in-universe websites we can use
- Background task to delete stale registration/reconnect codes (etc?)
- Add config options to enable/disable each top-level feature
- Use that to turn on/off menu items
- Better handling of user-uploaded images (profile pics, event logos, etc)
* HTML filtering for user-submitted content
- Per-site configuration of allowed tag+attribute list
- Move back-end menus into controller template folders?
- Automatically find and render admin menus for each controller
- Need some way to configure order
* Search
+ Add search method to each controller, combine results
+ Build links in controllers, not in template
- Or in model?
- Automatically find and call search method for each controller
- Move search methods into model rather than controller?
* Tags
+ For all resources - news item, gallery image, shop product, etc
- Ensure graceful degradation anywhere JavaScript is used
- jQuery date-pickers
- WYSIWYG editor
- Look at ways to make Model fatter and Controllers thinner
- Support for multiple sites from one instance
* CMS Pages
- Better handling of sections - current compulsory 2-level URLs are non-ideal
- Access-controlled sections/pages (intranet / members-only areas)
- Better interface for setting section and page order
- Multiple-select widget with up/down buttons? Drag n drop?
- Handle page template changes - add any extra elements needed
- Allow page admin to delete page elements
- Allow template admin to edit template element names
- Allow template/page admins to edit element order
- Per-section and/or per-page edit/admin ACLs
- Full reversion history for page edits
- Clone page
- Clone template
- Configurable redirects? ( /pages/is/old => /pages/is/new )
- Screenshot of page layout on edit page, changing with template selection
- For page add/edit, it would be nice to read in the page-element names
and types from the template file instead of from the database
- Change HTML editor to NicEdit ?
- Inline editing ??
+ Form Handlers
- Disable form
+ Newsletters
+ Create and edit mailing lists
- Export as CSV
- Import from plain text file
- Export as plain text
- Pass results to site-wide search
+ Public-facing subscription process
+ File Manager
- Delete files
- Improved UI for direct use (currently designed to work within CKEditor)
* User area
- 'Remember me' - stay logged in across sessions
- Monitor for repeated login or reconnect failures, might be an attack
- Block access to that IP address?
- Admin interface to view/add/remove IP bans
- Extend and refine role system into ACL system
- Roles should be fully editable, giving fine-grain control of their
capabilities (which relate to CMS features, e.g. 'edit page')
- OpenID integration
- Supply search results to site-wide search
* Tags
* Tag cloud
- Advanced search (AND/OR) (etc?)
- Provide results to site-wide search
* News
- Pagination
- Future-dating (same as for blog posts)
* Blogs
- 'Skip to [Month YYYY]' drop-down menu
- Twitter announcement of new posts
- Multiple single-author blogs
- Multiple-author blogs
- Trackbacks
- Pings
- rel me="" ?
- Prev/next month/year navigation should cut off at current month/year
* Discussions
* View comment thread
* Same thread can be attached to multiple resources - blog posts,
polls, images, etc
- Create some sort of UI to manage this
* Reversible thread order (useful for adding chat 'wall' to user profiles)
- Collapse deeper comments in longer threads
- Make definitions of 'deeper' and 'longer' configurable
* Add comment
* Email owner of item being commented on (blog post, comment, ...)
- Inline comment forms
- Log in while posting comment
- Preview before posting
- Edit comment?
- Admin
- Author
- Short grace period for spelling fixes, then lock?
- Lock as soon as anyone replies
* Delete comment
* Admin
- Author
- Flag comment as spam
- Track spam IPs and block
- Link up with or ?
- OpenID
+ Forums
- Jump to first unread comment in thread
* View posts by tag
+ Pagination
+ Polls
- Add / Edit / Hide / Delete
* View & vote
- Embeddable pollbooths for use on CMS pages or in sidebars
- Supply search results to site-wide search
+ Events
+ Display events
- Calendar view
+ Display event
- Provide 'add to GCal' link
- Provide 'add to iCal' link
- Provide 'add to Outlook' link
* Add/edit events
- Add event to Facebook via API
- RSS feed
- Recurring events
- Per event mailing lists ?
* Shop
+ Catalogue
- Specify order products display in
- Product 'more info' pages
- Featured items / Special offers
- Related items
* Manual config, or 'people also bought'?
- Top selling items
- For whole shop
- Per category
- Storefront (default shop page - special offers, featured items, etc)
+ Basket
- Saved baskets
- Wishlist
+ Checkout
- Credit card payment processing
- Sage Pay (was Protx)
- Worldpay
- CCBill
- etc
+ Orders
- Customer
- View previous orders
- View outstanding orders
- Cancel order
+ Admin
- Search orders
* Cancel orders
- Digital downloads (PPV etc)
- Paid mailing list subscriptions
+ Stock control
+ Live stock levels on site
- Galleries
- Support image and/or video content
- Tagging
- Batch uploads
- Supply search results to site-wide search