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New feature requirements.

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@@ -11,9 +11,10 @@ future (short or long term).
+ Use excerpts from Little Brother (CC-licensed)
- Add 'current_year' variable (for use in (c) notices etc)
- Background task to delete stale registration/reconnect codes (etc?)
+ - Add config options to enable/disable each top-level feature
+ - Use that to turn on/off menu items
- Better handling of user-uploaded images (profile pics, event logos, etc)
- Global template variables - for stuff like contact details in footer, etc
- - Use drop-down menus in back-end
- Move back-end menus into controller template folders?
- Automatically find and render admin menus for each controller
- Need some way to configure order
@@ -32,6 +33,8 @@ future (short or long term).
* CMS Pages
- Better handling of sections - current compulsory 2-level URLs are non-ideal
- Access-controlled sections/pages (intranet / members' only areas)
+ - Better interface for setting section and page order
+ - Multiple-select widget with up/down buttons? Drag n drop?
- Handle page template changes - add any extra elements needed
- Allow page admin to delete page elements
- Allow template admin to edit template element names
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