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himanshusahni worker name scope should have trailing backslash otherwise any worker…
… 10-19 will clash in scope with worker 1, and so on.
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Implementation of A3C (Asynchronous Advantage Actor-Critic)


./ --model_dir /tmp/a3c --env Breakout-v0 --t_max 5 --eval_every 300 --parallelism 8

See ./ --help for a full list of options. Then, monitor training progress in Tensorboard:

tensorboard --logdir=/tmp/a3c


  • contains the main method to start training.
  • contains the Tensorflow graph definitions for the Policy and Value networks.
  • contains code that runs in each worker threads.
  • contains code that evaluates the policy network by running an episode and saving rewards to Tensorboard.
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