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Reading list for all things startup-related
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Startups in general:

Management, Scaling and Hiring:

Customer development:


Venture capital and raising money:

Legal Advice:

Marketing, Sales & metrics:

Postmortems & Learnings:


  • HackerNews (HN) - Social tech and startup news run by Paul Graham / YCombinator
  • Crunchbase - Free database of technology companies, people, and investors that anyone can edit.
  • AngelList - AngelList is a community of startups and investors who make fund-raising efficient.
  • Quibb - Professional network to share startup-related links.
  • The Grove - Founders helping founders, by Sequoia capital.
  • GrowthHackers
  • Google Ventures Library

Mailing Lists / Startup Lists

  • Startup Digest - Weekly newsletter of curated startup articles
  • Hacker Newsletter - Weekly newsletter of the best articles from HackerNews
  • - Be the first to discover and get access to the latest internet startups. A good place to submit your startup.
  • - A place to find, follow, and recommend startups. It naturally caters to early adopters. A good place to submit your startup.
  • Kickoffboost - Explore thousands of just-launched products. A good place to submit your startup.
  • Launchbit - An email ad network that can promote your startup.
  • Erlibird - A site for early adopters to discover startups.
  • Pressfriendly - Find the TechCrunch Reporter for Your Story
  • ProductHunt - the best new products, every day
  • JustReachOut - Helps you find reporters for your pitch

Popular VC blogs/articles

Videos and MOOCs

Popular Books

Other lists

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