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Android Smartwatch and Web Design

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Predicting how advanced a technology can get may be difficult, invention after another keeps rolling out at what seems like the speed of light. While it’s difficult to pin point where all of this advancement may lead us to, we may look into one biggest and latest phenomenon in the tech world after the invention of smartphones – the wearable technology. As one of the most buzzing catchphrase, a wearable technology is a small electronic device which can be worn as an accessory – however, this accessory does not only act as a fashion statement as it has myriad of valuable features and practical functions. The latest addition to a long line of wearables is, without a doubt, a smartwatch. While it couldn’t be considered as the new kid on the block, smart watches became more well-known the moment Apple released their iWatch product line – since then smart watches have evolved into a phenomenon that is bigger than it was before. Smart watches are not a wearable technology that is limited to iOS platform, it was once difficult to find a smart watch android but these days? Not anymore.

Finding a great smart watch that fits your Android device is no longer a chore as the list of products have expanded greatly. Samsung Gear S3, for instance. This small device is not only an impressive piece of hardware, but also a stylish watch. Comes with a high quality fitness tracker as well as the ability to withstand water with its water resistant technology, you can wear it even when you are up for a good swim in the hot summer days. By a touch on its capacitive bezel, you will be able to check your fitness tracker, messages, and even your mobile applications! What makes this wearable even more impressive is its ability to last for 4 days after charging just once! Motorola Moto 360 with its incredibly powerful snapdragon 400 processor is the next in line. Packed with various features, this sturdy wearable is also dust as well as water resistant. The best thing about it? It supports wireless charging. Casio, too, has released its spin on wearables – making the move from traditional watch, Casio comes with the new Casio WSD-F10 which provides an incredibly durable smartwatch with a lot of features.

Looking at three of the latest releases on wearables above make us wonder someone even possible to come up with such invention and how do they do that to begin with. Whether you are aware of it or not, learning web design is a good place to start in order to satisfy your curiosity on the matter. Only once you have realized the basic process of building collections of electronic files that make up the display of your favorite wearables – which consists of site structure, user interface, layout and imagery, navigation, and many more – would you be able to understand how the inventors managed to do it. Other than the design, you may also want to learn about programming to create the applications and software in it.

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