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<%@ taglib uri="http://vraptor.caelum.com.br/taglibs" prefix="vraptor" %>
  • SelectItems

    • Definition and Usage: The vraptor:selectItems is used to create a HTML Tag which is a drop-down list. Attributes: list: Collection which contains the field's items. The field MUST a EL expression. name: Defines a name for the element.

    • id: Defines an id for the element. styleClass: Specifies one or more classnames for the element.
    • style: Specifies an inline CSS style for the element. value: Specifies the value of elements to be sent to a server. This value MUST be the atribute name of the list element. label: Specifies a shorter label for the elements. This label MUST be the atribute name of the list element. Example: <vraptor:selectItems name="user" list="${myUserList}" id="user" value="id" label="name" styleClass="cssClass" style="width: 330px;"/> Validators support If error exists: <vraptor:hasErrors category="some.category"> <!-- your code here --> </vraptor:hasErrors> Show errors: <vraptor:showErrors category="some.category" /> Contributors Robson Ventura - @robsonvnt Dennys Fredericci - @fredericci