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Create bosh release tar from source code

  1. git clone the code
git clone
  1. Go to the folder and prepare private.yml

We need private.yml to hold credentials.

Thus we can download files from external resources. e.g, google buckets.

cd XXX-release

cat > config/private.yml <<EOF
  provider: s3
    access_key_id: GOOGXXX
    secret_access_key: c9EcPLbysjpQzhEkXXX
  1. Run bosh command to create release
cd XXX-release
bosh create-release --tarball=myrelease.tgz
  1. [Optional] Upload bosh release to your bosh director
bosh -n upload-release myrelease.tgz

# Confirm bosh release is ready and get the version

bosh releases